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Complete H2O Minerals
uses the latest and most developed technology to deliver minerals and vitamins to the body at the cellular level.
Our mineral water, vitamins, and special blend of each are created in-house from over 20 ionic minerals, tested, and distributed to your home or business.
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Complete H2O Minerals starts with a mineral that is 99% pure or better. Through our process, we break down these minerals to an Ionic / Angstrom size in a suspended solution. These mineral solutions are then added to water that has gone through extensive purification. Using accepted guidelines, Complete H2O Minerals ensures that mineral levels are set to the appropriate level that is best for your body. To ensure our products meet our high standards, we conduct thorough in-house testing on all of our solution levels are accurate, correct, and safe . We then go the extra step and do something no other company does, we send our minerals to an independent laboratory out for a second test.  This insures that all of our products are of the highest quality.